Grooming and Salon services

The ‘Full Works’

This is a full groom, cut to breed standard, or any shape/style you like. Please do ask and we can show you options if you are unsure!

  • A complete brush out of dead coat478_319_csupload_40045037
  • Washing & drying with organic top quality shampoo
  • Full cut
  • Coat conditioning and deodorising
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning and plucking

We do not do anal glands, this is a vet matter

Please call and we will be happy to give you an individual approximate price for your breed as each dog is different.

If the coat is tangled there will be an additional charge for extra brushing. However, coats which are matted will not be brushed out and will result in a clip off in the interests of the dogs health and welfare.

We are now unable to take dogs heavier than 20kgs.


Cancellation policy

We do ask customers to call and speak to us to give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation so we can offer someone else your private slot if you are unable to keep the appointment.  Failure to do so or missing your appointment altogether will result in a full charge. Appointments cancelled within the 24 hours period will also result in a charge.

Aggressive dogs

Dogs who are found to be aggressive or distressed during the groom may be sent home immediately at the full charge of the groom especially if we have not been made aware of any existing behavioural issues.

Flea charges

Dogs who arrive with fleas will be sent home at the full grooming cost. If fleas are found during the groom a £10 charge will be added to your bill and the dog may be sent home immediately.

Late charges

If you are late dropping off or collecting your dog a charge of £5 minimum will apply.








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